Different history visible in iPhone app versus PC app.....why?

Different history visible in iPhone app versus PC app…why? My iPhone picks up my 94 year old Mom sitting up in bed several times during night, and finally getting out of bed. PC app, and sister’s Android app show no activity from time she goes to bed to time she awakens? Is there a setting difference somewhere that would impair the PC app or Android app.

Hey @JonP. As long as the other apps are logged into the proper account, or are logged into an account that is a shared user, they will be able to see the same events that you see. Could you try having the accounts that do not show events, log out and log back in after making sure, if they are a shared user, that the permissions have been given so under the Ring app > Main Menu > Settings > Users! If you can, please attach any screenshots showing these differences in history if this doesn’t seem to address your concern!