Didn’t detect delivery person but detects cars outside zone

This is supposed to be top line product but it did not detect a delivery guy drop off a package but detects street cars outside the zone. This is without all the adv motion feature turned off. Even when this detects a delivery person it’s when they are leaving. I am fed up with this product. My cheaper blink does better so I have one camera on the front door. Using ting as door bell only.

Hi there @ap3. Your Doorbell’s motion detection is designed to catch things within your Motion Zones and range. Some neighbors have reported missing a motion and finding that a recent motion occurred just before this missed motion. If you have motions around the time of a postal delivery, but not during, please check your Motion Frequency option in the Ring app. Check out our help center article for more information on Motion Frequency.

Adjusting motion settings for optimal detection is always the best first step. Another variable to consider is wifi connection efficiency. If there is wifi interference delaying the connection, then the reaction or communication of motion can too vary in results. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing this signal strength.

If you have another Ring device on your property, check to see if this detects motion during deliveries as intended, for comparison with your Doorbell. If you have any stairs leading up to your entryway, check out our Wedge Kits on the accessories page at Ring.com . The Wedge Kit will allow you to angle your Doorbell’s view downward more so it is more likely to capture visitors and deliveries rather than cars in the street. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: