Devices, poor experience and no customer service help. *Warning to all*

Wow. I hate to hear of folks having such problems with Ring. Maybe I was lucky. I’ve only had one or two incidents that really aggravated me and I got enough info and help right here to handle those. And actually wound up not being problems at all.
I have not had to deal with Ring Support directly. I’ve been able to figure out from the help I’ve gotten here to answer all my questions.
One thing that helped me I think. I started my install with the company that has handled my home security system for year and years.
When they recommended Ring I was kind of surprised. I thought they’d fix me up with their equipment. Honeywell I believe. And pay a fee to them.
These guys were honest enough to tell me that this equipment and the Cloud account etc was far superior to anything else they installed including their own stuff.
Also much cheaper. I’m retired and was around when they started installing this stuff and also was studying everything I could online and when they finished the ones I had committed to well I took over myself.
First it was a little cheaper and also I was learning enough to somewhat debug and adjust most everything myself.
If I hit a bump well I asked here. I didn’t always get a direct technical answer but always enough and pointed in the right direction that I fixed things to my liking.
Another thing my security guys did that really helped me. I was told up front that this stuff, their stuff, or anything else out there would not run perfect out of the box because every scenario, location, etc is different.
I also had a little background with IR and Motion anyway. And I knew how buggy some of this can get.
I’m not singing anybody praises I guess I’m saying I really didn’t expect perfection out of the box. Everything actually went pretty well.
We originally started with a five, I believe, camera setup. And after those were installed I did have to have them come back a couple of times. Nothing major. But not acting right.
I will say that after those I was satisfied enough to start adding more myself. I realized I didn’t have near the coverage I needed. In the past 16-18 month or so we’ve been hit like four times. Our sheriffs dept advised cameras and motion lighting. I’m out rural and a far piece off the road. Also the lay of our home simply couldn’t be covered properly with five. It kinda hit me it was pretty crazy to leave so much open and available.
I have wound up right now with I think 13.
And we’ve already ran a couple of perps away with the lights just hitting them.
I had much rather prevent, than have them coming in again sounding these big house alarms. Pretty spooky at 4 in the morning and also knowing the cops won’t be here most of the time for like 45 minutes.
Sad but that’s our situation.
Back to the cameras etc. Yes I’ve had a few that just seemed to attract darn spiders. And Big moths. Webs moving back and forth with the wind. Lol. But I THINK I have those pretty much straightened out. Any time I needed information I asked here. And again maybe I’m lucky but I’ve always been helped to my satisfaction.
All that said. I realize there’s a lot said about equipment with a couple of years on them maybe not acting right. I’m hoping I don’t have that problem but I do realize how electronics such as this especially outdoors can do crazy things. If I start having a bunch of problems I’ll no doubt be upset too. And I need to clarify what the warranty really is while having the Plan with Ring.
I do NOT like the phone being the only method of support. I assume I’m understanding that correctly ??
I would really like other Avenues as My hearing is awful and I can’t hardly carry on a conversation on a telephone these days.
When the day comes I DO need customer support. Well I’m not going to be happy. I can’t even talk with my grandkids on the phone. I will say the lack of other means is ridiculous. Just my opinion.
As of right now I don’t have any complaints. I’ve had issues but have been helped.
I hate so many others are having so many issues.
I’ll toss this in. My biggest obstacles have not actually been the gear. The settings have to be tinkered with. I figured that out. Lol.
The People Only mode has not always been that for me. A big moth at just the right place at the right time will trigger it sometimes. I’m sure they developed that mode around parameters that would be fitting. But I know first hand motion IR reflections and such can cause goofy things. Maybe they should have called it something else ?? LOL!
And WIFi strength I really had to work on. Ive read a lot of problems I have to wonder if the WiFi is strong enough ?
I have the Plume Mesh system. Started with three Super Pods. I’ve had to add three more for a total of six. Located perfectly. I’ve juggled those things In My sleep. Lol.
I found that moving one even two feet. Or even rigging it so it at a slightly different angle can make all the difference. I imagine extenders and repeaters would be the same. Some of my outside cameras are like 38 feet away from an outside wall. It took some juggling to get reliable WiFi to those.
WiFi strength and adjusting motion with every setting available has helped me.
I hate to hear all the complaints about support. Because I know sooner or later it’s gonna be me. I’ve got too much stuff to cruise forever without problems.

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I am surely agreed with j, thank you very much j for sharing such a good thing with us and aware us related to this type of issues.
thank you again

Completely agree and have the same issues with our system

Well, good or bad experiences, I think first of all we should be grateful Ring is hosting this site for all of us. And I am also grateful to our moderators here who I do believe sincerely try to help and in fact have escalated several issues to their team.

At the same time, I share some concerns here expressed about the phone support. Years ago before Ring was owned by Amazon, it was indeed better. You were given a person’s name, contact info and could even email back and forth -even before making a purchase. I believe at that time all support was USA based. After the Amazon acquisition things did deteriorate a bit in my opinion I experienced similar things epxressed here - namely having someone contact me via email as a followup but when you try to reply, there would be a response at first, but then, nothing. Then you had to start all over again with a new agent. It was around that time that I started posting any questions here. There are lots of knowledgeable people here and I, in turn, try to “pay it forward” when I can and help out here and there.

Circling back to emails, I would also like to ask Ring moderators here to please express to their team to bring back the email/ticket system. Many folks don’t have time to spend on the phone and it is quite common with companies selling electronic goods such as these, or any number of products, to have an email/ticket system where you can report your issue, get a response, and take it from there. That way, you also have written documentation to refer back to in the future. I realize this could be requested in the Feature Request forum but thought I would add this in the spirit of this discussion.

Finally, Arkar makes a good point that these devices do require some “experimentation”. There are lots of variables from one house or property to another. I think some experimentation is reasonable given the relatively low cost of these systems. As others have pointed out, there are more expensive systems, installed and monitored by security companies, but there is a price tag for that. One has to decide the pros and cons.


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