Devices missing from App

Not all of our devices show up on my Wife’s iPhone or iPad apps. I’ve taken the App off and reinstalled it, but that didn’t help. Any suggestions?

Hi @ArtVandelay! If you have multiple locations for these devices, they might be showing under the other addresses page. This can be changed at the top of the Ring app dashboard when logged in. I recommend also checking your Wife’s method of access, as a shared user can be added per device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for the response.

Unfortuately I’m still stuck. We only have one location and my wife’s iPad is set to that location. 4 of our devices are there, but the newest one is missing. (There may be another device missing – my wife has her iPad and is having a FaceTIme or Zoom call at the moment.

Any other thoughts about what I might do?

Again, thank you for your help.