Device Tips: Wifi Interference

If you are having concerns with black or choppy videos, delayed loading times or delayed connection, your wifi signal strength near your device may be the cause.

First, you must make sure the router you have is providing a high enough upload speed for your Ring device’s requirement. If it is providing the exact required speed, this may not be enough if there are other devices utilizing the wifi. Once you have confirmed the speed, you will want to see if they are strong enough near your device. Check out this Ring Help Center article about testing wifi speeds for more information.

Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras work best with a strong and stable wifi connection. That being said, there are quite a few things that could cause interference with your wifi signal and interrupt its flow to your Ring device. Here are some common interferences that can occur:

  • Router Distance - A wifi router can only extend its signal so far. The farther a device is from the router the weaker the signal will be.
    • Solution: Place a Chime Pro between the router and your device. The speeds at your desired mounting location should be double the Ring device’s upload speed requirement in order to ensure a Chime Pro will work as intended even if speeds are cut in half.
  • Covered Router - Many homes have their wifi router in a closet, filing cabinet, or on the ground behind some shelves. This can “suffocate” the signal.
    • Solution: Moving the router to a central location about three feet off the floor in an open space.
  • Walls - If there are one or more thick walls between your device and router this can lead to connection issues, especially if they are made of metal, brick, or stucco.
    • Solution: Move the router away from clutter if possible, or obtain a robust wifi extender that can be placed to avoid certain walls.
  • Floors - Many people place their wifi router in their basement, this can severely interfere with your signal. The reason this weakens your wifi signal is that it has to pass through things such as the floor, metal pipes, and electrical wiring.
    • Solution: The best solution for this is to move the router upstairs, or use an ethernet connected access point or extender for the signal upstairs.
  • Home Decor and Electronics - If there is a mirror, flat screen TV, or another large electronic device between your router and Ring device, it will likely cause interference.
    • Solution: Do your best to position the router to avoid these interferences. Moving the router does not necessarily mean moving its location. Simply placing the router high on a shelf or altering antennae direction works too.

To continue to learn more about the importance of wifi speeds, check out our “Testing Wifi Signal Strength” article.

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