Device Tips: Battery Draining Quickly

Why is my battery draining so quickly?

If you have a Ring battery-powered device (e.g. Video Doorbell 2 or Spotlight Cam Battery) and it seems the battery is draining faster than normal, there are a few reasons that this may be happening.

  • High Number of Events: The more events your battery-powered Ring device experiences the faster its battery will drain. Learn more about how motion events affect your battery in this Community article, here.
  • Cold Weather: If you live in a location that hovers around 36°F (3°C) or lower, it is possible the cold weather is having an effect on your battery life of your lithium ion battery. Check out this article in the Ring Help Center about how cold weather can affect your battery.
  • Live Streaming: Any answered motion event can be watched for up to 10 minutes if you open the notification and watch the live view in the app. Streaming live view often can drain your battery faster as well.
  • Poor RSSI: In the Ring app you can see your devices signal strength (RSSI) under Device Health. If your devices RSSI is between -65 and -80 there may be too much interference between your Wi-FI router and device. This can cause your device to constantly struggle to maintain a connection. This extra workload may drain the battery over time. Learn more about RSSI and your device in the Community article here.

If you have continued questions please post them in the General Questions Community category .

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