Device registered to previous owner

Hi all. I’m having an absolute nightmare. I purchased a wired stick up cam second hand from a car boot sale and the previous owner still hasn’t removed themselves from the device. I’ve tried installing it at least 30 times and I have latest version of the app but absolutely nowhere can I ask them to disconnect themselves. Help please! Thanks.

I am having the same issue.

Contact Ring support as they are the only ones that can assist.
Contact Us – Ring Help


It’s madness. All they say is that I can have a 30% discount off of a new device. I don’t need a new device, as I’ve got one. The frustrating thing is that it says on their help page that I have to make sure I have the latest version of the app, which I have, and upon trying to set up the cam, if registered to previous owner I I can request that they relinquish ownership. Nowhere on the app is this option available.