Device Health Page Not Showing in App

Just an fyi, you can still see the batter level icon when you go in to settings of the device. The device health menu does not show information. This is only on the battery stick up cam after the last app update. This is an app software update issue. The cameras still function fine.

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Same here, stick up battery cams, iPhone app version 5.43 not working for device health and tried it on app version 5.34 on an old iPhone and it works properly.

Same thing started happening to me with my 3 Ring Stick up Cams not my door bell.

Using an:

iPhone Xs Max.
IOS 14.7.1
Updated Ring App 5.43.0


iPhone XS, ring app version 5.43.0, two battery operated stick up cams displays a blank screen when clicking the device health button. Also have a ring chime pro that exits out immediately and app crashes when I click the chime pro network.

Is this problem ever going to get fixed. Customer satisfaction?

It’s not just the battery health I’m concerned about. I got a new wifi over the weekend and now I can’t change it without the Device Health screen. My cameras are not working at all. Is there some other way to change wifi’s without this page? Please fix it.

I have an iPhone XR and initially my driveway stick up cam was only experiencing a problem with displaying device health but now it is also disconnecting from the Wifi. I took out the battery and reinserted it and it came back to life and then immediately disconnected from the Wifi again. My side yard stick up cam isn’t displaying device health but is still connected to the Wifi. The driveway cam is 6 feet from my router and less feet away from my Chime Pro, so those aren’t contributing to the problem. I suspect my side yard stick up cam will soon disconnect form the Wifi too. Please fix these issues

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The problem is with Ring App, not with iPhone or iPad, etc. I have an older iPad with 12.5.4 software. Downloaded the current Ring app and still get blank screen on the Device Health page for the stick up cams.

I called Ring support and the rep told to get an Android phone! Nice! I should have asked her if she’s going to pay for the new Android phone!

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I have just brought 3 stick cams they showed device health until I fully charged the batteries reloaded them and now they don’t show device health it’s a blank page and they struggle to reconnect to wifi as well
I hope I have not wasted my money!?
If this issue can’t be fixed I will expect a full product refund if they don’t work properly in a few weeks time!

No resolution to this issue. Please respond with a progress update. Thank you.

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Mine is exactly the same despite rebooting everything, deleting and reinstalling the app

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Video doorbell is fine, all other battery stick up cams (3rd gen) will not show device health.
iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 14.7.1

Camera health missing on all powered cameras - working fine otherwise, also, trying to set up chime pro to extend range - app crashes when attempting to set up chime pro network - have removed and reinstalled app - chime - attempted on ipad - still not working at this point.

Update - they tried to connect chime using health page, which is missing…as noted above. No timeframe to resolve either issue…advised technical support is working on it, but nothing specific as to the issue…technical support did not really seem to know the health page missing is a current issue or concern.

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Same here lost device page last week spoke to tech support Monday told me they were working on it. Stickup cams on solar

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I agree this is taking too long. Revert IOs app to last update until it is fixed.

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This is frustrating- can’t see Device Health on stick up cams after update. Please fix ASAP or roll back update so we can use cameras and see device health

I have the same problem with my ring stick up cam. The ring doorbell is working fine but the same blank page for device health with the stick up cam.

iPhone 11 w/most recent software

Im glad i googled it to find out i am not the only one with blank screen issue on device health.
I use ring doorbell which is fine but 2 stick up cams and since last few days the issue has started.
I am using iphone 12 pro max.
Let’s hope they find a fix soon.

Same issue.

iPhone XR
Ring app v5.43
Cam - stick up wired

Iphone 12 Pro, ring app 5.43.0, problem with stick up cam battery. Doorbell Pro wired seem ok