Detect batter removal / tampering

I need to be able to know that hte battery has been removed. I have a doorbell at a rental property. It works great, but I have determined that someone has been removing the battery to prevent detecting certain events. I would assume the same would happen if I had a stick up cam. Ideally there would be an alert that the battery cover is removed or a start up alert as teh doorbell comes online. At a minimum displaying “Uptime” in the device health would at least confirm that there is tampering. It appears that hte alarm system has some of thes “tampering” features. Any chance of getting this on doorbells and stick up cams or is there a hidden log somewhere that I can view. Looking for Tamper-evident vs. Tamper Proof.

Hi @3doorbellz. There is not currently a feature to have the Ring App notify you when the faceplate or battery is removed from your Doorbell. Feel free to add your suggestions to the Feature Request board. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place.

With that said, I would recommend utilizing the security screws that were included with your Doorbell. Depending on which model of Doorbell you have, there will be either 1 or 2 security screws that are screwed in on the bottom of the device to prevent the cover and battery from being easily removed without the included screwdriver.