Detached garage contact sensor

I put a contact sensor on my door of the detached garage but it is out of range from the hub is there a way to extend it so it gets signal?

Hey @Arborrich, to extend the signal from your Ring Alarm Base Station, you will want to look into getting Range Extenders. These are designed to extend the range 250 ft in open air, therefore the distance does lessen are there will be interference from walls, devices, and appliances. So if your garage is pretty far from the Base Station, you may even want to look into getting 1 or 2.

I always recommend to play around with the amount that you may need until the sensor in the garage is connected. Please note that since the Ring Alarm Security System is designed for indoor use that you may still have some concerns with it staying connected, and might want to look into getting our Garage Tilt Sensor instead. Hope this helps!