Desparate problems of ring with connecting to wifi


I have wireless Ring for about 2 years until now and except not working video chat ( delay, poor sound) other was working ok.

But past few months I have big problems with connecting ring to wifi. With same constalation all the time ( same wifi router, wife extender…all same installment location).

Last two months ring sometimes was working, next day was offline, and than again working out of nowhere.

NOW I simply cannot connect/setup it anymore :frowning:

I have:

  • wifi router in house
  • outdoor wifi extender (distance to ring bell 6m / 19 feet)
  • outdoor wifi ring installed and fully charged

Wifi extender is configured that it is as separate Wifi hotspot. When connect to this hotspot via mobile phone internet is working!

Here is what happen when I want setup Ring:

  • I put ring to setup mode ( pressing orange button at back) so white light on button is spinning
  • enter pin and connect to temporary ring’s wifi
  • choose wifi extender network RING saying : “CONNECTING TO WIFI, PLEASE WAIT MOMENT”

AND HERE SETUP FAILS. ring cannot connect to wifi.
RING setup stop with button blinking white on LEFT side.

  • I have restart router many times
  • i have restart wifi extender
  • I completelly removed all devices from Ring app
  • when doing setup I literally sit next to wifi extender ( so it is crazy strong network)
  • wifi extender IS WORKING OK ( tested by other device)

Anyone can please help? I am desparate and not willing to throw Ring videodorbell to trash.

Thank you, anyone

Likely your doorbell still isn’t getting a good WiFi connection.
Upgrading to a Mesh WiFi system might be better, but it isn’t necessarily cheap.
Try placing your router next to the inside wall where your doorbell is, just to test, to see if it performs better. If it does then that likely points to the doorbell needing a better WiFi connection.
I’d also make the SSIDs for all your WiFi access points the same name so that the Doorbell can choose which one it sees as the better connection.

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Hi @user15295. If you are having an issue connecting to the Ring WiFi network during setup, you may need to change some settings on your phone. In you phones settings, look for a WiFi Assist/Smart Network Switch and turn it off. You will also want to turn off bluetooth and and VPN for setup. Let me know if this helps!

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