Deliveries recordings too long

The Amazon Key app always says my cam was unable to record deliveries, but the recordings do show up on the Ring app.

One thing I noticed and not sure if it’s an oversight or by default but every clip from a delivery lasts 15 minutes.

Is this normal? Why so much time?

From what I’m seeing the Key app is waiting for a confirmation from the Ring camera saying that it recorded but since the camera is busy for 15 minutes recording the key app times out waiting for that response and gives the error.

I’ve tried Amazon support but they have no idea what I’m talking about.

Can we somehow make that record time lower? You already know the status of the garage door… maybe make the length from when the driver asks to open the door to 2-3 minutes after the door closes?

Hi @JAAS666. If you haven’t already, try removing and re-linking your Ring Camera with the Amazon Key integration. Since it is saying that it’s unable to record deliveries but records anyway, this troubleshooting step of removing it and linking it back again may resolve this. Try that step and then let me know what happens with the next delivery, and how long that recording is as well.