deleting videos

After selecting several videos to delete on the app, I see the garbage pail icon you need to delete them has disappeared, so they cannot be deleted. Has Ring discovered a new way to torture users?

Hi @danwriter - can you please confirm what app and phone version you are running? I’m on iOS 5.27.1and am able to swipe right to get the waste bin. Are you the owner of this account or a shared user?

Running iOS 12.4.1 and the Ring device is appx 18 months old, with firmware up to date. I go to event history and hit edit. Sometimes a blue bar at the bottom pops up with a trach can and sometimes not. when it doesnt’t I have to repeat the process till it does populate.

Hi @danwriter. Chiming in for Jennifer here! When you notice that this trash can is disappearing, have you recently viewed an event when in this “Edit” mode? We have a bug in the iOS app that our teams are looking to fix, and this bug affects only the iOS app, after you hit the edit button, and once you have looked at an event and go back into this mode, the trash can may disappear. If this sounds like the concern you are having, rest assured our teams are looking into it and it should be fixed in the near future. :slight_smile: