Deleting unused/uninstalled sensors

I bought a Ring kit which comes with several contact sensors. I ended up using a Retrofit kit to use my existing hard wired sensors and they are all working well. However in the app, the list of devices shows all the contact sensors that came with the kit with the message “Waiting to Connect to a Network”.

I would like to delete these from the device list without losing the ability to install them at a future date. I read about the Advanced Options/Remove Failed Device method. I just wanted to be sure by doing so, it will not tag the device as defective and prevent its installation at some future date. Thank you.

Hi @njarwala. You can remove the Contact Sensors that you have not added yet without any issue. You can utilize the Remove Failed Device method to remove them and you’ll be able to set them up again whenever you decide to. Should you run into any problems upon setting those Contact Sensors up at a later date, you can reference our Help Center Article here. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: