deleting a device on a plan

We have a spotlight cam with a solar panel and my solar panel isn’t charging it. I believe I didnt activated the spot cam with solar panel one when starting it up…can I delete it and redo the one with the solar panel even though it’s on a plan? And if so will the plan move to the new device?

Hi @Lerla_8! Even after already setting up your Cam, the Solar Panel can be introduced afterwards and it should operate as intended. Please ensure the Spotlight Cam battery is fully charged, the Solar Panel is plugged in securely, and it is receiving several hours of direct sunlight. The best way to know if your Solar Panel is charging as intended is to monitor battery level over time.

Keep in mind that excessive motion events, lengthy live view times, poor wifi signal, or even cold weather can drain your battery quicker than the Solar Panel can charge depending on these factors. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

So I should be able to just go and plug it into the camera and it should work without me doing anything else with it?