Delete chime pro

So I replaced a chime pro with a new one since my old one doesn’t work. I tried talking to customer service and they were no help at all. How do I delete this item?

Go to divices

choose chime

general settings

remove this device

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My old Chime Pro broke, so when I click on GENERAL SETTINGS, my only option is RECONNECT CHIME PRO.

I think I’m stuck with this broken chime pro on my app

It won’t do anything until I reconnect, this is the problem. It doesn’t exist

yup, same here. I dont want to reconnect, i want to delete it, period :slight_smile:

Hey neighbors! Our teams have taken a look into this matter further for us, and have verified that this is a concern for the 1st Generation Chime and Chime Pro within the iOS Ring app. If you have an Android device, I recommend downloading the Ring app from there and deleting the Chime or Chime Pro this was, as that should work for you. Our teams have isolated this concern and plan to have this addressed within an upcoming app update, if you find you’re unable to do this as you may not have an Android device. I will update this thread once this is resolved in full. Thank you, neighbors!