Delays to open video after Motion Notifications


I have set up my camera and i have notice high delays during the live view or Motion Video.

When the camera detect a motion, it sends me the Notification in my Android device.

Then when i click the View button in the Notification, it takes up to 1 min to open the video or the live view.

Some notes:

I have test it to 2 different location with different internet connections and the same issue persists. One location with internt connection 12Mbps and second location with lised line 200Mbps.

In both tests, my mobile device was connecte to the wifi and to 4G (issue persists to both tests).

Signla Strength of the camera: RSSI-44

Please can you help?

Thank you

On Apple there is an app called rapid ring. This is just for live view and is a lot quicker connecting than the ring app. I have my notifications turned off on the ring app and turned on in the rapid ring app so when I get a notification on my screen I just swipe and it opens so much quicker. Rapid Ring is by Ring and is not a 3rd party app. If there is one available for Android give it a try.

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