Delayed Entry - What Audible Alerts are available

We have two entry points to our home. Main door with sensor inside and garage which is the main entry. I have the sensors in both set to delayed but I would like to know what audible alerts I would get when driving in to the garage so I remember to turn of the alarm.

  1. Will my phone chirp or audibly remind me?
  2. Can I fit a Chime device in the garage that would make a count down audible alert?

Yes, I know I need to test this to be sure but I’d like to know what folk are doing for audible warnings on delayed entry triggering.

In the Ring app go to Settings, Geofence. You can setup the area for the geofence and turn on alerts on your phone when you leave to remind you to set the alarm and when you return to remind you to turn off the alarm.

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