Delayed entry time

Need a 5, 10, 15 second entry delay time added…30 seconds is a long time…an intruder could be in my home and down the hall in that amount of time!!


Agreed. 0 seconds leads to too many false alarms, and 30 seconds is too long.

I agree! ALOT can happen in 30 seconds! Try running through your home and see what you can destroy in 30 seconds and you’d be surprised! Heck! In 30 seconds a person can be in and out already! I have mine set to ZERO which is really what you want. If you trip it yourself and disarm within 30sec. all you will get is an automated call and nobody will be dispatched! The automated call just confirms you canceled the alarm then asks you if you need assitance just to be safe! I’ve done this by accident twice with 24/7 monitoring. This doesnt bother a “REAL” agent from getting involved and response time has been withing a minute 30sec or less based on my errors… Better than ADT ever was! I few times it took them over 3min to call for 49 dollars a month! Was NOT impressed! That’s why I no longer have ADT (CRAP!) and too expensive for little service…

They can find your alarm base station in 30 seconds and destroy it. Once destroyed, there’s no alarm or record of an alarm. Huge weakness in Ring Alarm.

You can set a time-delay of Zero seconds, if this worries you. And then use your Ring App on your mobile phone to arm & disarm while outside the house.