Delay time from door bell to the chime and the app

Just bought a ring doorbell and chime and have the same delay of a few seconds between bell press and chime ring, really disappointed and annoyed, may now return it, the ring should be instant!!!


I have just installed a Ring doorbell and I am having the same problem.

I don’t have the chime however the delay from when the bell is pressed to when the alert comes through on the app is very annoying. By the time the alert comes through and you either load it up or get to the door the person has left.

I see it is quite a common issue - any ideas why? Anyone think it’ll be fixed?

The adverts for this product are pretty misleading if not…

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Has anyone managed to solve this issue?

I bought a ring doorbell 2 + Chime a few days ago and I’m already fed up with the delay between pressing the doorbell and the alert on my chime/phone. It’s so long that the person is already gone by the time I get the alerts. Signal strength on both the doorbell and the Chime are fine.

What I’ve noticed is that if the doorbell has been idle for some time, the alerts take a long time to come through. However, if I press the doorbell again within the next minute or two, the alerts are almost instant. Can someone from Ring actually weigh in with a solution to this? This seems like a pretty serious flaw if it can’t be fixed…


Yeah I’m pretty much having the same issue and been wondering why it’s laggy. Always see the person leaving and not when they are coming. I might just return it…

Hi, I’m having the exact same issue as @eguk describes, just missed the package delivery guy this morning due to delay in the chime/notification.
When I then test the ring by pressing it, it goes of almost instantly.
When not used for long, it seems that the delay is getting worse.

This is a VERY REAL problem (and very reproducible).

It is early morning and I have not touched my phone nor my doorbell. If I were to take my phone outside to my doorbell and depress the button the blue light/ bell will start up and I will stare at my phone for 20-30 seconds when it will finally starts the alert. If I then wait a couple minutes and once again press the button the doorbell wakes up and immediately the phone starts alerting.

At this point I have all motion functionality disabled (only ring alerts are on).

I have disabled the ‘swipe’ on the phone.

It sure would be nice for someone (anyone) at ring to acknowledge that this is an issue and a fix is on the way…

Well I just gave it a try and wouldn’t you know - it worked (kind of).

I had my phone in my hand and when I pressed the button on the doorbell the phone was immediately alerted.

The ‘alert tone’ was NOT the one currently selected in the main ring app.
When it finally came up with the live view video it ended in about 2 seconds. My video recording length is currently 20s so I will change it to 60s.

I just disabled ring alerts in the main ring app. At the moment all three alert settings are OFF. I restarted my phone and went out to my doorbell. I depressed the button, the phone received an alert which I opened and the ring device was a very well behaved doorbell !!

As an aside, yesterday the rapid ring app forgot me. The main ring app was fine but I had to uninstall/install the rapid ring app and re-enter my credentials.

Why is there so much latency when trying to view the camera on the ring door bell (live view"?). Can AWS look into this? For a few seconds the ring app says activating device and then it times out.

10 second delay from the time I press the doorbell until the phone and chime ring. That is ridiculous that this is still happening with no correction/instruction from Ring.

Hi there, neighbors! a couple seconds of a delay between the Doorbell sounding and your mobile device or Ring Chime alerting for that event is normal. The delivery of this communication will greatly depend on wifi signal efficiency to all devices, and mobile device connection as well. If there is an excessive amount of time or you are noticing delays of 10 seconds or more between notifications for an event, optimizing connection will likely improve this.

A great test would be to bring your Ring devices into the same room as your router and testing the chime alert quickness to notify. On your mobile device, try testing this notification speed via wifi only, as well as cellular data only, to see if either connection is quicker. Please also ensure there is not a vpn enabled on your mobile device. Feel free to let us know how this goes with either your chime or your mobile device notification timing! :slight_smile:


I have 3 ring pro witch chime pro and subscription for all 3 in 3 different locations (at home and in two offices). All 3 locations have excellent WiFi with the Ring and chime in direct sight if the router. The issues everybody is describing is very real here (I am in Germany). Perhaps this is an issue related to AWS infrastructure being in the US?

I can absolutely confirm that I have 10 seconds or more delay when pressing the ring button until either Chime or the app rings. I can also confirm that most of the times, when trying to get alive video stream it times out. I can further confirm that this issue does not happen when repeatedly pressing the button, only when the Doorbell has been idle for a while.

This issue is so blatantly obvious and renders the core product completely useless. The Ring team adds lots of bells and whistles over the past few months, but does not seem to bother to get the core product stable. This is a real shame. @Support: Please stop telling people to check their connections. This is definetly bit a connectivity issue.

Ring wasnt always like this seemw as they have upgraded the software it has gotten worse, when i first got the ring it was instant as they upgraded to make it better performance has gotten much worse, it lags quite a few seconds behind the action. I get a notification by the time I load up ring the person is gone even when it shows up by the time it allows me to answer the person is already back in their car disappointing.@support

Hi there, neighbors! You’ve reached the Ring Community, a public neighbor to neighbor forum. While there are Community team members and neighbors here to offer guidance and recommendations, our support team does not monitor this platform.

If you are experiencing an unreasonable delay between chime and app delays, it’s important to cover all the steps recommended in this thread. A notification delay to your Ring Chimes can often be resoled through better placement in reference to the router and notifying Ring device. As for a delay in notifying your mobile device, closing other apps on the phone and ensuring no vpn is enabled will help for optimal communication. If these steps, and the others listed above in this thread, did not help to resolve your concern, this may require a closer look from our support team.

Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

I’m very disappointed with my Ring device performance. The delay in receiving a notification on my mobile is sometimes…4 minutes. I looked through all the advice from the Ring support in this thread and to be honest they are mostly very unpractical. Relocating the rooter to be in the clear line site with a Ring device? For real? This in most cases require drilling holes in the walls running wires, securing alternative power supply… The problem with now a day tech companies is they promise the Sun and the Moon in their adds but when it comes to use their tech there will be a whole lot of problems. I know they provide support but most of the time it isn’t straight forward, takes tonnes of time and is extremely frustrating.

Too late for me to return my Ring and get my money back. Hopefully this post will help another person to make his/her mind about the the Ring products before a purchase.

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Oh dear, literally hundreds of complaints on this one issue, interspersed with copyPaste from X_ring saying silly line-of-sight things. Thank you for the warnings from so many users - I wish I had done more research

Yep. Me too. had it a couple of years now and wish I had never wasted my money. Managed to actually talk to a delivery person just a few times, as usually the delay is so long + fiddling about trying to open the app on your phone = back of person’s head as they walk away.
Now getting horizontal white line interference across the screen picture especially at night so not even much use checking who has visited the neighbours in breach of Covid rules!
Agree with the comments about marketing. Every time I hear the advert where the delivery guy is answered instantly, I just roll my eyes.

My Doorbell and chime has decent signal strength, not direct line of sight to router, but is within 15 feet of the devices.

I set up and installed the app on my iPhone SE 2020.
I granted my wife access to the account, so she has the app installed on her iPhone SE 2020.

She receives more or less instant notifications a lot of the time, yet I rarely get notifications anywhere near on time. Often I will get notified of a doorbell ring on my phone 2 or 3 minutes after the event, even when I’m at home and connected to the wifi network!

Most of the time I arrive home after work, my phone will notify me of the motion I triggered after I have been in the house for several minutes.

Hi neighbors. As I’m sure you’ve read by now, a delay in notifications can be related to your network and wifi strength. A quick way to test this would be to set up a wifi hotspot and connect your Doorbell to it. Once these two are connected, using cellular data only, perform a test to see if your notifications come in quicker than normal. Next, connect your phone to your home wifi and perform the test again. This is a great way to identify where the source of your delayed notifications can be coming from.

If you are still experiencing issues with this, please see the marked solution for this post to find out how to contact support.

I must concur that the delays with the Ring 2 doorbell, and other Ring cameras is too long, thereby making the whole system less useful. I believed this is an issue from the Ring software and not slow connections because I have a 1 gig Comcast connection and the signal strength is good. It seems to have gotten worse rather than better as Ring has expanded. Maybe their infrastructure cannot handle the increased traffic well. The response from Ring in the forum is minimal. I will add this review to several venues because the best way to get Ring to improve their service is by giving honest reviews.