Delay in activation or human error

I have a wired ring door bell, and by the time someone pressed the button and the time it takes for the app to go live ,the person has gone, it just not that instant, or am I asking too much, people just don’t seem to wait all the long on door steps anymore, couple of knocks or a press on the door bell and there gone, maybe it’s just human error, or I’m asking too much of ring to expect the person to still be there when it goes live ermmmm annie x

No, not human error. The Ring apps are pretty slow to answer the doorbell.
I’ve had better success getting a cheap Amazon Echo device that I link to the doorbell as it seems to do it quicker than the app.
Though, most of the people that come to the door are delivery people so they often just knock or ring to let someone in the house know there’s a package as they don’t stick around unless a signature is required.