People on facebook are suggesting my 8SW1S9-WEN0 or 8SN1S9-WEN0, whichever is the outdoor one, is defective because it doesn’t detect a lot of motion. If I walk right up to it and waive it detects, but not if I walk trhough my yard 50’ away. No one has been able to explain how the device senses motion…is it infrared? Is it frame to frame video differences? How does it work?

Most people, including me dont know these devices by model number, so I have no idea which you are referring to and I’m not looking it up.

Here is the help page. I found some info on how the motion detection works for my floodlight cam here. I’m still figuring it out too, but you do need to check to make sure you have a motion zone activated and or customized.

“Ring - Stick Up Indoor/Outdoor 1080p Wired Security Camera - White” – the latest version purchased new from Best Buy last month. The software only lets me set up exclusion zones, not inclusion zones.

That’s weird. The opposite of the app for the ring floodlight if that’s true.

I would say call them, but I’m trying to right now about questions I have and had to hang up on the person I finally got after waiting because she could hardly speak English. I dialed the U.S. number and seemed like I got someone in Asia who was not taught English very well before being put in the customer support position. This is very discouraging compared to the person I spoke with before I bought the Ring. I finally got a guy who could speak English fairly well but still had to go try to get answers to my questions…sounded like he was googling for some. I was left waiting and put on hold for what should have been a simple answer.

I’m still waiting as I type this. Not good. The guy has to put me on hold to ask others to get an answer to what should be fairly simple questions. This is phone farm offshore customer service. I may wait until the weekdays and see if actual English speaking people knowledgeable about the product answers. As of right now, customer service is useless on a Saturday.

Exact same problem. I have the stickup plug in.

Hey neighbors! The motion detection range is dependant on the model, mounting position/ height, and motion settings. Check out our Security Camera Comparison Chart for more information on how each Camera model works. The Stick Up Cam Elite offers customizable motion zones which can detect up to 30 feet in range. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: