Defective Floodlight Cam (Offline & won't reconnect)

Floodlight Cam is offline but I cannot reconnect it.

Wi-Fi signal at Floodlight Cam is very strong.

Have separately tried pushing & releasing the reset button & also holding the reset button for 20 seconds.
The light never starts flashing to be able to continue.

I have determined there is power to the Floodlight Cam by using a Voltage Detector & a Digital Multimeter.

Hi @DonC. Since your Floodlight Cam is still unresponsive after completing a reset and verifying that power is being supplied, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. They can walk through any further in-depth troubleshooting steps available and determine the best solution for this concern. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

If I “remove” the device & set it up again, can I bypass having to push the reset button?

Or, is pushing the reset button also part of the “Set-Up” process?

@DonC Pressing the reset button is a part of the setup process, so it is necessary to complete a new setup on your Floodlight Cam.

Another Question please?

Is there any way that I can rectify pushing the reset button not starting the light to flash by temporarily turning off power to the floodlight cam?

How long should I leave the power turned off?

@DonC If there’s no power supplied to your Floodlight Cam, holding down the reset button for 20 seconds will not complete a full reset as there is no power to the device. Disconnected your Floodlight Cam from power for at least 1 minute before reconnecting it is how you can complete a full power cycle.