DB3 - multiple resets in a month

Quickly becoming one of those "great product, when it works."

Had a couple micro- power outages recently, doorbell didn’t come back online, needed complete reset.

No warning about how temperature sensitive the battery is. Temps starting to drop in upstate NY, battery dead in less than a month. Replaced the battery - again - doorbell didn’t come back online. This time turned out just reinserting the battery got things going again.

Then today, first below freezing overnight, no doorbell in the AM.
Why does reconnection essentially require opening the device?
Ultimately, didn’t need to reset, but reinserting the battery (with 89% charge) to restore the connection.

I’ve had this thing just over a month and I’ve had to take 15 - 20 minutes to reset/restore/fiddle with it four times in that time.

Great when it works …