Data protection issue

I installed a Ring Pro at a community centre in the U.K. and immediately got complaints that storing audio in a public place was an intrusion into privacy and against the DPA 2018. So I disabled audio recording and streaming in the device privacy settings so that only video is stored. Problem is, I can now talk to the person pressing the bell and they can hear me but I can’t hear them. My audio is stored but theirs is not. Is there a way to keep live two way audio enabled so I can answer the bell, but disable recording of it? If not then I cannot use Ring doorbell.

Hi @Rob7. There isn’t a way to disable the audio recording while still having the audio enabled on Live View. In the Device Settings > Privacy Settings, you see the Audio Streaming and Recording toggle. Toggling this on allows audio to be streamed via the Live View and recorded on videos. Toggling it off does not allow audio to be streamed through the Live View or recorded on videos. I hope that helps clear things up and answer your questions.

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