Dashboard snapshot images not updating

In the last 5 days or so, when I pull up my dashboard, the snapshot images are not updating/refreshing. I’ve tried:

-logging out/back into app
-toggling snapshot feature off/on
-restarting iphone
-checking that firmware is up to date on all devices (it is)
-googling for an answer

I have had the Ring system for about a year or so and have been very pleased with it (it’s the third security system I’ve had at my property and by far the best). But this issue has now crept up and it is very annoying. Pulling up the Dashboard and seeing those images refresh within a few seconds on all cameras is such a nice feature, good for a quick check on things. Would appreciate any help/tips.


Hi @user940e. The Camera Preview Tiles should update a regular intervals on your Ring app Dashboard. If they are, start by rebooting your internet router. Next, you can reboot your device from the Ring app as mentioned in the Help Center article here. Let me know if this helps!