Dashboard Event History shows WRONG EVENTS

With the demise of the windows app, it becomes important that the web dashboard work properly, but it has many bugs. Here’s one that is really a problem for me.

I have two locations. There is a menu at the top of the page that lets me select a location. However, this selection doesn’t always work, and when it works, it works for only a few minutes, after which the history list reverts to the wrong items.

My two homes are “San Diego” and “Pacific Grove”. The web site really wants to display the “Pacific Grove” events. It is difficult to get the “San Diego” events to display. Sometimes I can make them appear by changing the menu selection “the little icon of a house at the top of the page” back and forth between the two sites. When I do succeed at displaying San Diego events, they only are displayed for about a minute, after which the web site spontaneously changes back to displaying the “Pacific Grove” events.

Here’s a screen capture showing the problem…

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Hi @fantonio. Thanks for sharing the Image, it gives me a better idea of whats going on. On the left side, under Event History, does changing the selection from All Cameras affect which events are displayed? With All Cameras selected, it could be displaying All Cameras for both Locations, instead of just the ones at a specific Location.