Customisable motion detection on spotlight cam battery

I have enabled customisable motion detection on my spotlight cam battery and set the zones to cover both the path to the front door and the lawn in front of the house to pick up people short cutting across the lawn to the door.

The detection zone was set to exclude the public footpath and road outside but still picked up pedestrians and cars using the footpath / road.

I have reduced the zone slightly further but it is still recording motion on the public highway.

I don’t want to reduce the zone much further as it will then start to exclude too much of the desired area in front of our house

Is there margin of error in the zone definition which means that the camera will still detect and record motion just outside the zone?

Is there any way of preventing this without further reducing the active zone?

Hi @MSS1. Without being able to see your Motion Zones, it can be tough to judge what adjustment need to be made. Would you be able to attach a screenshot of your Motion Zones? This could be corrected by adjusting the position of your Spotlight Cam. How high do you have it mounted? This information will help the Community decide what needs to be adjusted in order to get the best detection. Like you mentioned, you can try decreasing the zone size until you find a good balance of your two areas. I hope this helps!

Please see the attached screenshot. It shows the zone AFTER the zone had been narrowed.
The zone is still picking up passing pedestrians and vehicles outside the zone on the right hand side.
The zone needs to pick up people crossing the lawn from the right, so ideally needs to be slightly wider

Hi @MSS1. Thanks for sharing the photo of your Motion Zones. I think I may have identified a possible issue. The door on the left with the glass could be causing the false activations. The reflections from the glass of people on the public roadway could very well be triggering the camera to activate. Try drawing a Motion Zone that excludes the glass on the front door. Also, instead of have a large, odd shape zone, try using a few smaller zones to cover the desired area. I hope this helps!

thank you

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