Customer Service Nonexistent

Has Ring wholly abandoned any concept of customer service/support? I have placed two orders this week. Both were apparently cancelled - without providing me any notice of the cancellation. And customer support cannot provide any information. They simply “escalate” the issue and promise a response in 48 hours.

Ironically, the last order that actually got processed shipped to my home with only 1/2 of the purchased items in the box. I got the same non-answer - the issue will be escalated and you will get an update in 48 hours…

Meanwhile, I have an incomplete system. I’ve heavily invested in the Ring environment and recommended several neighbors to use them. That will no longer happen…

Hi @BBR2. This isn’t the experience we want our neighbors to have when contacting support. I will make sure to pass on your feedback to the appropriate teams so this can be looked into for the future. Our Account Logistics Team handles any and all billing, order, and shipping related inquiries. This includes escalations about missing items and cancelled orders. The Account Logistics Team can need up to 48 hours to review these tickets. How long have you been waiting since contacting support?

If you have reached out to them within the past 24 hours, please wait the full 48 hours. From there, you can follow up with them via email with your escalation agent who will ensure you get any devices you are missing and fulfill any orders you need placed. Please feel free to let us know if it’s been more than 48 hours and we can take a look into this for you! :slight_smile:

I’m going to try to be fair. First, I want to express my appreciation of a well made product. We have been customers for a long time and love our Ring Doorbell. Customer service has been great in the past and they always greet you and treat you as a valued customer. With that being said, here is where we make a wrong turn. On December 5, 2020, I ordered a brand new ring and chime. At that time they were running a special so I was supposed to have received a free additional battery and a digital coupon for an additional free faceplate. 2 days later, I received the ring and chime but the free items were missing. I called on December 7th to report the missing items. To make an extremely long story short, I have called on the7th, 9th, 18th, 24th, and the 30th. I have been told many inconsistencies, broken promises, and I STILL DON’T HAVE MY PRODUCTS. I’ve asked for the number or an email of someone from the headquarters but no one seems to know this information. It’s strange to me that when I paid for my items, they arrived within 2 days but the items that were extra doesn’t seem to be able to make it to me. I have now been given 3 different tracking numbers and 2 different replacement id’s. I am now 25 days into this problem with no end in sight. I get the same answers every time, "You will receive a tracking number within 24-48 hours but I always end up calling back to get the tracking number. The last representative told me that USPS is saying they never received the package and The Ring is saying that they did. Meanwhile, the end user (me) is still waiting on them to sort it out. I’m elderly, running out of patience and I don’t know what else to do. I have never experienced anything like this from any other company and I am truly disappointed. I will only order through Amazon or Best Buy in the future and I will never order direct from The Ring again. It’s such a shame to have such a remarkable product but terrible service. I hope they get it together.

I’m in the same boat–ordered 6 weeks ago and I’m about to make my sixth call to customer service trying to get the missing stuff shipped to me.

Have you found any answers since your last post?