Customer service doorbell battery

what a bad customer service.
The battery of my doorbell worked super well from the beginning for 9 months with the same settings as now (even with more movements as there was renovation).
Now the battery runs flat every 2/3 days. the only solution I get is to do a factory reset. So that they can check if the battery keeps working the same.
I have never heard such a stupid story!

Hi @406a4ea89f38ebe4501c5043fb9594. Our support team will run through all applicable troubleshooting steps in order to narrow down the cause of the problem, which in this case is the battery no longer holding a charge. Troubleshooting steps, such as resetting your Doorbell, help to determine if the cause lies with the device, the battery, or a different factor - that way the appropriate solution can be applied. It is also worth noting that cold weather can affect the performance of the battery in your Doorbell depending on how extreme the weather is.