Customer Contact

This has to be the absolute worst website to provide customer’s with contact information. How do I contact you??? I have several issues that I need help with. I’m paying a monthly fee and can not find any answers on your site. This is terrible customer service.

Their phone numbers are listed all over the website. Or just Google it…

All US toll free number is all I saw on their site. I live outside the US. Area code 310 is a long distance charge from where I live. I’m not paying a fee to speak with someone who sells a product that’s not working. Most companies nowadays have an email address added to their site. I’ve seen some videos on the web about how hard it is to contact these folks when there’sissueswith their product. I spent my hard-earned money buying their product. And when something breaks down, I at least expect to be able to make contact with someone, without having to spend more hard-earned money.

Try the webpage below. It lists Ring phone #'s for various countries. Or you can chat with Ring online.