Custom zones


I need to urgenty ditch my current alarm and am really impressed by ring and their products. However I need to set zones on the alarm such that I can alarm garage without the need to alarm the house. I do not need independent zones with their own arming lifecycle. Simply a profile if you like to say “just enable garage”. If I need to alarm the house then you disarm and rearm everything, nothing complex.

I see ring has three zones, disarm, house and away and no eay to create a fourth such as garage. Is this on the roadmap, seems simple to implement.

Hi @nmac! You are correct. At this time the armed modes available with Alarm are disarmed, home, and away. You are able to, however, choose which Alarm sensors will be included in that mode, as well as the option to bypass other sensors when arming. Bypassing could be a solution as long as you do not have too many sensors, as this would have to be done manually. Check out our help center article about bypassing for more information.

We appreciate your feedback on this functionality, and think it’d be a great addition on the Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. :slight_smile:

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