Custom Ring Alerts

Hi all!

I am looking for custom alert settings in the app and am not seeing what I’m looking for. For background, I have my app set to alert me with a ringtone when motion is detected, however, when I sleep at night, my phone is on silent, therefore, I don’t believe I am getting these.

Does anyone know of a way to set a custom alert between certain hours of when to alert you, or to override ‘silent mode’ on your phone?


Good question, @mkingsle! At this time, our feature for receiving alerts in do not disturb mode only extends to the Alarm and emergency alerts.

For our Cameras and Video Doorbells, the best way to get alerts in silent mode, is to add a notifying device. Alexa announcements or even a Ring Chime are great solutions for getting audible alerts for events, that you can hear within your home. This would allow you to keep your phone on silent, while still hearing your Ring alerts elsewhere.

While it is the opposite of what you are looking for, there are also motion schedule and motion snooze features in your Ring app, that allow you to control times when you wish not to receive Ring alerts.

If you are looking for additional features or have an idea, feel free to add this feedback to our Feature Request Board. :slight_smile: