Custom / more smart responses

The ability to use smart responses is great, although not all the responses on their suit me and I don’t like having to enable it to automatically respond just for me to be able to have the smart responses button for use when viewing the doorbell. For example I’d like to be able to have it say “no one’s here right now if there’s a package leave it in the shed” and if we could create custom responses everyone would make much better use of the feature.

I agree! Nice topic! :slightly_smiling_face:

A suggestion to be able to prerecord your own smart responses. For example there’s a smart response that you can select that says about leaving your package at the door. Now personally I don’t want my package left at the door in full view of anyone passing by and a lot of the time I can’t answer my doorbell at work or I don’t answer it on time by the time I’ve seen someone is at the door. So I’d love to be able to pre record a smart response saying please leave my package in my stated safe place.