Critical Alerts on IPhone

My wife and I both have the Ring App on our iPhones. Notifications go to both phone OK if for example a door is opened and closed, ring doorbell rings, etc. But we had the alarm go off while we were away and the critical alert went right to my iphone lock screen but my wife’s Iphone did not get the critical alert. I have checked everything I can think of on her phone to make sure critical alerts are enabled. Can critical alerts only go to one iPhone? Any suggestions to get critical alerts going to both iPhones? Thanks

Yes, this feature applies to both owners and shared users. Check out our emergency alerts Help Center article for steps on changing these critical alerts for IOS & Android mobile devices. This can be done both in the Ring app and sometimes from the mobile device settings.

Please note this applies to push alerts rather than emails. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: