Credit cards, amazon pay will not working only on

So when I use my credit cards (AMEX, Visa, Master card, amazon pay) my orders will process but in 30min they will be refunded to my card. Nothing has changed on my end.

When I put any card on my account it will say update to renew your ring protect subscription when this cycle ends.

Phone support claims my billing address needed to be updated (its the same), still, nothing will work. They assure me it is all good and everything will work, IT DOES NOT.

I’ve used to order from ring every month and had no issue until about a month ago.

My credit card company shows no issues at all.

I should be able to order and sign up for plans online without any issue. I have yet been able to receive any meaningful help with this persistent issue.

Sorry to hear about this experience @Theringking! It sounds like you are using a supported payment type. Just to be sure, please check out our help center article for an overview on supported payment types. As you mentioned having concerns with recurring payment types processing, please ensure paypal is not used for this, as recurring payment is not supported, per the article shared above.

If support recommended a billing address update, try re-entering the same information on your account at Here is our help center article about changing billing information for steps on doing so. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: