Create Configurable Actions for Panic Button

The Ring panic button currently sets off the general alarm and sounds the siren. This is not always the desired function of a panic button, and the inability to configure different actions in the settings is a major shortcoming.

Some different actions that a person may want:

  1. Fire - Similar to the fire-specific panic button on the keypad, the monitoring center would dispatch fire directly. Ideally, instead of a general alarm, sound a specific evacuation alarm.
  2. Medical - Similar to the medical-specific panic button on the keypad, the monitoring center would dispatch EMS directly. An individual with specific medical conditions may desire the ability to have a panic button at their bedside in case something should happen. The *LAST* thing you want during a medical event is a loud siren going off in the background. If they are able to answer the call from the monitoring center, it will be critical to have silence in the background so that the call-taker can go through the appropriate questions. As a first responder, I can assure you that the more information that is available prior to EMS arrival, the better.
  3. Silent - No alarm, and no call-back…immediate dispatch of response. If I wake up to an intruder, I want the ability to hear what is going on in my home. I want the ability to hear if my kids are ok, and to be able to communicate with my family. I do not need or want a loud alarm going off. I *KNOW* something is going on…you don’t need to alert me to it.

To make this change would be so simple, as most other sensors have some configurable settings. This would simply require the creation of 4 options in the settings for the panic button, with the current behavior as the default.

The current function of the panic button is completely undesirable to me, and therefore useless. I will most likely be sending this costly piece of plastic back.

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