Create a Split Time for Ring Floodlight Cams

It would be nice if we could set up a split time for the floodlight cam lights to come on. As it is i have to set them to come on about 9pm until 6am. It would be nice if we could do something like 9pm to 12:00am and another time for like 4am to 6am. Then they would not have to be on all night.

Also could you put all of the devices/alarms in one place. When i open the app i see the CAMERAS i have, then to see other devices i have to click on the three lines to get to DEVICES, then to get to other stuff i have to click on the tile ALARM. It would be so nice if everything was on the home page, cameras, chimes, base station, bridge, mail box sensor, key pads, range extenders, contact sensors, motion detectors, and garage door tilt sensor, etc. The app is not difficult to use but why scatter everything all over the place???