Craftmade Chime Model:CH2401-UO Existing Chime How do I wire it?

Can my ring doorbell make Craftmade Chime Model:CH2401-UO which is installed in my house chime? Or do I have to get one that plugs in the wall?

Hi @escskkab. You can find a list of Compatible Chime Kits in this Help Center article here. If your current Chime kit is incompatible, you can use a Ring Chime.

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It is compatible but I don’t know how to get it to chime when someone pushed the ring doorbell. I was hoping I could get help figuring it out.

Hi @escskkab. The next step would be to check your settings in the Ring app. First, tap on the Doorbell then Devices Settings > General Settings. You’ll see an option to select your Chime Kit type (Mechanical, Digital, Auto or none). Try the different options to see if one will work. After you make a selection, be sure to pull up the Live View to ensure your Doorbell is functioning properly, then press the button. Let me know how this works out.

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