Crackling noise doorbell 2

I have seen this problem reported previously but there does not seem to a solution offered. My doorbell 2 has suddenly acquired a crackling noise on the device. This happens in live view and is also on the recorded footage. My Wi-Fi connection is strong, rsi numbers good and nothing has changed to explain why this has started. I have reset the device uninstalled and reinstalled app after device reboot and it happens on all my devices. Help please ?

I have the same problem with my Ring Video Pro doorbell. The video is fine, but the audio is choppy and static noises. I have tried all the steps you tried and no luck. I have also tested my wifi upload and download speeds near the doorbell and they are good. In device health, my transformer voltage is “Good”. My RSSI is 38. And the device status reads “All systems Operational”. Do you have a solution to this problem yet? If yes, would you share your solution with me?