Correcting Doorbell from Battery to Electrical

My Ring is hooked up to the electrical doorbell wiring but is running on battery instead (and just realized it because it went dead!). I even had an electrician install it, so it should certainly be connected properly. How do I switch it to run off electrical instead of battery?

Hi @Petersen. While you can hardwire your Ring Video Doorbell to get a trickle charge from the setup of a previous Doorbell, it will be a rough trickle charge of about 10% a day. Even though it gets the trickle charge, it will still be using the battery to support it. Although, if you do have it hardwired, it should show so in the Device Health. Does it show as battery or hardwired for power in the Device Health page?

It shows Battery under Power Source in the Device Health section. My electrician attached it through my mount bracket wedge, per attached picture. Any feedback appreciated!

This picture looks excellent @Petersen. As long as the power supply is 8 to 16 VAC this should work. I recommend checking the bracket and connection surfaces on the bracket for any debris or warping from mounting. Please also monitor this over time to see if the battery charges. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: