Correct Product?

Hi there,

I presently have four standard outside lights attached to the eves on their own circuit from the main fuse box.

I want to replace all of them with Spotlight security cameras (5 in total). Am I right in thinking I need Spotlight Cam Mount for this as Wired has a plug on the end of it.

I am in UK. Is there any idea on when they will be in stock?

I can’t answer the mounting question.
But, as for when it is in stock the website has all the information that anyone else has.
A little suggestion, there are other retailers that sometimes carry Ring products. They can either have the product in stock and or provide a better order experience. Sometimes that is worth more than the 10% discount (if you get that in UK) for purchasing direct from Ring.

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Cheers. Yes Ring can be a bit slower than most other companies with delivery after purchase.

I’ll have a look around. I would suspect that if Ring don’t have them others won’t but you never know.

Yes we apparently do get the 10% on “selected” products which never seem to be the ones I want. :rofl::rofl:

It appears no other retailer sells the Mount version in the UK either that they are out of stock everywhere.

Does anybody from the company come onto these forums?

Some do, but they have access to the same info that you do via the website. They won’t give anyone any additional info.

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