Corner kit for Ring Video Doorbell Elite

There does not seem to be a Corner Kit specifically for the Ring Video Doorbell Elite, does one of the other Corner Kits work for the Elite.

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I have this same question.

@mitchell - did you ever find an official product? Or a 3rd party option?

No, never found an official product to corner/angle mount the Ring Video Doorbell Elite, the other angle products I found did not seem to be waterproof so would not be acceptable.

I gave up on the corner/angle mount, and could not mount it flush (it is on some type of architectural concrete wall), so I used a single-gang outdoor surface-mount plastic box, here.


Hi neighbors! Thought I would chime in – I am unaware of any sort of wedge / angle kits for the Elite. However – I’ll talk with the team and see if this is even possible :slight_smile:

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Have you made any progress with this query? Maybe and aftermarket product? Perhaps you could just publish the dimensions needed to be compatible with the Pro Elite. I might be able to work up a 3D printed version if I knew what was needed.

Hey neighbors! Chiming in for Jennifer here. There is not an accessories at this time that we have for the Doorbell Elite to have a Corner Kit. This is due to the nature of the product, which is designed to sit mostly inside of a wall and blend in with it, and therefore not designed to be out and at an angle.

If you end up making something of your own, we would love to see it so please feel free to share details/pictures here! :slight_smile:

The Ring Video Doorbell Elite uses a standard single-gang electrical enclosure, so you could copy that for the dimensions. But the enclosure must be water-proof as the doorbell has a standard Ethernet connection on the back.


Really should be advertised as such. Also disappointing, because until you put it up you don’t necessarily know if you will need an angle. This was our first ring doorbell we got and we are disappointed with it because it needs angled. It also says it fits standard junction boxes, but as well all know walls are janky and of course ours doesn’t fit in well.

I found and purchased this: Ring Video Doorbell Elite 35º mounting bracket wedge | eBay

Will check it out and share how it goes.

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@Chidyausiku did it worked? :slight_smile: