Copy Link not working

Trying to share a video - I select Share, then Get Share Link, then Copy Link. It says Link Copied, but it is not copied to my clipboard - when I paste, I get what was previously on my clipboard. This is happening for all videos. Also tried to email the link about 15 minutes ago, but have not received the email and it’s not in my spam folder.

I am having the same issue for a few days. Thank you

Thank you for sharing your experience with the Community, neighbors! I also tried to obtain a shared url link through logging in at via web browser, and clicking the copy link prompt also did not result in the link being copied to clipboard. This feedback has been delivered to our team here, who are looking into it and working on a solution as we speak. For now, please use the Ring app either on mobile device or MAC OSX or Windows 10, in order to share video URLs as desired. :slight_smile: