Control One Smart lock from two ring door bells


I am trying to find a doorbell solution for a house that is split into two flats. The flats share one communal entrance door so I am thinking about putting two ring doorbells at the door (one for each flat). I would put a yale smart lock to be controlled by z wave so the tenants can buzz in their guests. Would this system work ? Is it possible for the one lock to be controlled from two different ring accounts ? If not is there a work around to make this work? Any help is very much apreciated!


Searching through forums I cannot find anything about this which is surprising considering all the terraced houses in the UK split into 2-3 flats !

Hi @nicks152. This might be possible by using Shared Users. Shared Users allow for the Owner of the Ring account to Share control/access to specific devices while still having ownership of the device. I would see if this could be a solution for you!

Hi Tom thanks for the reply. I’m not sure I understand though , surely you would have to have one doorbell for each flat ? Having shared users on a single doorbell would mean when someone rings the bell it will ring all users/flats right ? The only way I can see this working is if the bells can all control a single smart lock - is this possible ?

Hi @nicks152. I believe Tom was mentioning the Shared Users in regards to the smart lock. However, there’s no simple way to make this configuration work as the smart locks work with the Ring Alarm system, which you can read more about here. This means you would need the Ring Alarm system to integrate the smart lock with, and then have the smart lock be shared to both tenants via the Shared User process that Tom shared.