Contest: Low Battery

I have a Ring Video Doorbell that I’ve hardwired to the existing wiring of my home. The power from the wires is suppose to keep my Doorbell battery charged but I noticed the battery level still decreases and rarely ever increases. I need this hardwire to charge as I live near a road and get frequent events. It’s too cold (about 10°F) for me to be charging a battery too often.

Added Detail: Transformer and wiring meets requirements.

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When a battery powered device is connected directly to power is a trickle charge, that means it charges the device every so slightly, you can see a decrease in battery specially with to many motion detection. You should try to decrease your motion zones or depending on your location, try a wedge kit or a corner kit to prevent unwanted motion.

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Awesome tips!

We live in Alaska and ours in hardwired as well. It worked fine, even down to 0°F a month ago and getting 40+ events a day. It’s been in the 20-30s for a few days and we’ve had low battery notifications. In an attempt to bypass the low volt transformer with a new one, it’s still not getting out of low voltage. There are plenty of people around here with them, so I’m guessing they work in this climate, but I’m wondering if we have a dud. Most batteries at good to -90°F, so it should survive. It’s in the sun a lot, so it should warm up enough to get above a low battery level unless it’s a bad battery.