Contest: It’s Raining What?

Hello neighbors!

As July ends we are excited to announce “It’s Raining What?", a Ring Community contest! Not only does your Ring Security Camera or Doorbell catch crimes and package thieves, they also catch funny and special moments too. We figured it would be nice to share a video submitted to RingTV but have YOU come up with a caption to go with it!

Follow these steps to join in the fun:

  • Watch the video, below.
  • Click “Reply” in the bottom corner of this post.
  • Post a witty caption that matches the theme of the video.
  • Congratulations! You’re now in the running for some fun Ring Community swag!

Official contest rules can be found here.

The contest closes at the end of the day on July 29th, we will then pick a winner at random. Feel free to ‘kudo’ your favorite witty caption :smileyvery-happy:

Now put on your thinking cap and get posting!

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Hi @Dwain77, this was a great and fun tagline for this video. You are the winner of some fun Ring Community swag! Please email us at so we can get some info and send you your swag :slight_smile:

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Email sent. Thanks for the contest.

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