Contest: Delayed Motion

Just installed my Wired Spotlight Cam above my garage to get a good view of the whole driveway. After some testing I find that the motion is delayed and is missing movement entirely sometimes no matter how I alter the settings. I’ve also noticed the microphone on this thing isnt picking up much noise in the videos. I really don’t want to climb 20 feet up this ladder again to adjust the Cam, any suggestions?

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I would suggest when selecting a location to install your Spotlight Cam to remember that the Spotlight Cam is designed to be placed at an optimum height of nine feet with the motion detector parallel to the ground. This will put the motion sensor in a perfect position to detect human-sized objects at up to 30 feet. I would also suggest to adjust your motion zones and sensitivity so you can get it just perfect to not miss any action. The Spotlight cam wired has enhanced motion zones which give you the ability to create custom zones for motion…its a great way to really get things perfect.


How’s the signal to the camera and your download and upload speeds.? That may have an effect on how fast your device reacts. If you’re having issues with the signal, try a mesh network or a chime pro near the camera.

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Height is most definitely the culprit here, good call @Schpeen . If a device is mounted too high, motion and wifi signal may struggle to perform as intended.