Contact sensor on Metal Door

I’m trying to install a contact sensor on a metal door. The typical chirp, indicating a connection, doesn’t work even though the sensor and the magnet are close enough. The only tip I found was that “some difficulties might occur on metal doors”, which doesn’t tell me how to solve the problem.
Is it simply not possible to install on a metal door?

Thanks very much.

I have one on my metal door and it works fine. I didn’t realize there was an issue with it so all I can say is how I have it mounted. The smaller piece, is mounted on the wood frame and the bigger piece is on the door itself. Don’t know if that’ll help you or not.

Hi @dbs. My best suggestion for mounting a Contact Sensor to a metal door would be to fabricate some type of spacer to create a gap between the metal door and the Contact Sensor. I’ve known a few neighbors to do this and have great results.