Contact sensor not responsing 30’ from base

Installing new Ring Kit
Having issue with one of the contact sensors
It synced to the system/app etc fine when near the base
But as I walk away from the base with it it stops recognizing that it is opening or closing once I am about 30 feet from the base.
I added the range extender between the base and where I’m installing the sensor. Still cutting out at the exact same spot. Installed the extender about 10 feet from the base between base and sensor location.

Trying to install the sensor at my garage.
Base is about 10 feet from the exterior wall and extender is within a foot of the wall

Specs say devices can be within 250 of base and then another 250’ of extender.
Only trying to go about 130-140 from base and 120-130 from extender

Hey @Blor2515. Since there is normally a lot of metal and interference in a garage, this could be why the sensor will not communicate when out in the garage. Even though the sensor is not reporting as open/closed (this could be due to a placement concern with the magnet and the sensor), is the device online? If the device is online in your app, ensure the lines on the magnet and the sensor are lined up when testing the open and closed action by putting the pieces together and then pulling them apart.

If you find that this does not work still at the further away distance, test it near the Base Station. Does it chirp as if it’s opening when you are near the Base Station? Since you installed the Range Extender after the Contact Sensor, the sensor may need to be re-added to re-establish with the now known and new connection the Range Extender is offering. If you can, please remove the Contact Sensor from your system, and then re-add it, closer to the Range Extender than the Base Station. If you can get it online when near the Range Extender’s mid point, then try to get it on the garage door to see if it can stay connected out there!